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DCX revolutionized the way we approach leads. Their innovative strategies not only increased our lead count but also improved the quality of each prospect. The seamless integration with our sales process was a game-changer. Highly recommend their services!

Jonh Santos

Wellness Spa for Women
Amazing Marketing

Partnering with DCX for our marketing needs has been a pivotal decision. Their customized campaigns have elevated our brand presence and brought in tangible results. The attention to detail and personalized approach they offer is unmatched. We've seen a substantial ROI since we started working with them.

Carlos Mendez

Exacto Signage
AI Bot

Integrating DCX's AI into our customer service has been a revelation — it's like having a virtual twin! The AI interacts with our clients so efficiently that they often think they're speaking with me, which is the ultimate compliment. This tech has lifted a huge weight off our shoulders, streamlining our customer interactions without losing that personal touch. It's truly impressive.

Andy Bernal

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Frequently asked questions

What Types of Marketing Services Do We Offer?

At DCX, we offer a comprehensive suite of marketing services designed to elevate your brand's digital presence. Our creative team specializes in crafting stunning visual content for your social media, including eye-catching designs for posts, flyers, and website graphics. Whether you need digital or print materials, we've got you covered. Plus, we have exclusive partnerships with wholesale printers to provide you with cost-effective printing solutions.

How Can We Help You Automate Your Processes?

Our automation capabilities are versatile, ranging from simple to complex tasks. Imagine streamlining your daily operations, such as sending automated text messages to new clients or capturing form data directly into an Excel sheet. These processes serve as the backbone of our 24/7 client engagement strategy. We nurture leads, ensuring they are always engaged until they convert into appointments or sales. We even utilize pipeline management for lead organization, review solicitation, and more.

Unlock the Power of AI in Your Business

With AI, the possibilities are endless. We can create customized AI bots with your business information, schedules, pricing, and processes. These AI-powered assistants communicate with customers via SMS, email, chat, WhatsApp, and even through a human-like "Conversation AI" interface. Additionally, AI enables us to generate personalized videos and audio content for your customers, enhancing your marketing efforts.

Beyond Marketing: Additional Services We Offer

DCX is not just about marketing; we're technology-driven. We can assist you in running direct mail campaigns, such as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), at a fraction of the cost. Our personalized QR codes on each mailer allow you to track who opened them, enabling automated follow-up through calls or text messages. We can also boost your online presence by listing you on over 66 platforms in the United States and other countries. Looking to set up an online store? We've got you covered. Plus, we harness the power of Voicemail Drops for personalized voice messages that go straight to your customers' voicemail.

How Does Lead Generation and Automation Work?

Our lead generation begins with targeted marketing campaigns designed to attract potential customers. These leads are seamlessly integrated into our automation system, which operates across various communication channels, including SMS, calls, chats, and messengers. Our system's primary goal is to secure appointments or complete sales by responding to inquiries promptly. Leads are categorized as hot or cold, and our system nurtures them continually. This automated approach is ideal for businesses seeking growth. We understand that business owners often cannot respond to every message personally, which is why our AI handles responses, closes sales, and schedules appointments on your behalf. The system keeps a detailed record of who attends meetings or completes desired actions, allowing us to stay engaged with all leads.

How Quickly Can You Get Started?

Once you fill out our forms and have a couple of meetings with us, we can start creating and training the AI model with your business information. In less than two weeks, you'll begin to see an increase in your sales.

Which Industries Can DCX Assist?

DCX is versatile and can benefit businesses across various industries. Whether you're running a clinic, restaurant, salon, law firm, dental practice, or workshop, we've got solutions for you. Our AI models are tailored to each business, covering everything from promotions, prices, and hours of operation to product details. We offer affordable solutions that help you save time and resources while achieving your business goals.

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